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Posted by Jim Selman on 10/24/06

I don’t know that I agree with Crabby Old Lady’s idea to vote out the entire Congress in the bi-annual elections on November 7th. But I sure think we should vote and have our experience and wisdom speak.

I also don’t think we should turn ‘Boomers’ into a one-issue constituency —“aging issues such as social security, Medicare and so forth”. We should certainly speak if we having something to say about those issues, but more importantly, we should be taking responsibility for the whole of our nation’s well-being, and that means being reasonably informed and engaged on a broad spectrum of issues.

What do retired people have to say about minimum wage, about immigration, about economic refugees, about stewardship of the environment, literacy, and, of course, foreign policy?

Instead of simply voting against the incumbent in your district, I would invite every voter to do the following:

  1. Write down a list of the areas of life that you care about.
  2. Put down a short thought or two of what you have to say or believe about that area. Try to keep the focus on what you want, rather than on what we currently have.
  3. Look up the voting record of each incumbent on the ballot and see if that person is really representing you and working for the America you want. (You can check out the official websites of the incumbents in your district by visiting the NY Times 2006 Election Guide and learn lots more about the 2006 House Elections on Wikipedia.

This may take a little time to do, but whether we each do this or not, we’re going to live with who is elected for a few years and what they do and say and how they vote will be with us for a very, very long time. It is our choice.

I have said that the purpose of this site is to transform the culture of aging. Not just so older people can have a better life and be entitled to the same legislative protections and dignity afforded others in the USA, but also so the extraordinary energy, intelligence, humanity and power of the Baby Boomers can clean up our the messes before we die and really leave a legacy that our generation can be proud of, one that will last for centuries.

© 2006 Jim Selman. All rights reserved.


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