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Posted by Lilly Page on 10/25/06

I was watching Oprah recently, a program featuring a few of our famous stars speaking on aging. They were talking about this whole idea of what your real age is. One was only 50, so just a baby to me, the other was 65 and didn’t look more than 55, but the one that caught my eye was Diahann Carol at 71 years old. Yikes, she looked fabulous!!!!

I have always been one to mention my age, as I have always enjoyed getting older. I intentionally want to give people younger than I am something to look forward to. So I share my journey with them, whenever it’s appropriate.

My 30s were tough, with much transition and many insecurities and tests of courage and fortitude….I won all the battles and then came my 40s. It seemed like that decade was a preparation for the rest of my life—the years felt like stepping stones, a time of accepting challenges and acknowledging accomplishments. Again, everything was just a foundation for my 50s and the beginning of a brand new life, one of much less caring about what others thought of me and a much needed increase in what I thought of myself…another decade mastering life!

But the 60s are the best yet. This is truly the decade of wisdom and ‘who gives a darn’…I’m trusting my intuition (after all, I’m very wise now)…and just go for the gold with gusto! Everything I need, I have. And everything I’ve ever wanted is now coming to me without so much effort and struggle…oh, did I really say that? Well, with very little effort now, and with a lot more trust and acceptance of what is. I’m drawing on all the lessons learned, the challenges overcome and ALL the experiences of the past decades.

Life is truly a glorious adventure now.

I even tried kayaking for the first time a couple of months ago…what fun!

I’ve started a new business, something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and am leaping over a huge chasm to take it to the next level.

And I will get to the other side with more joy than ever!


3 Responses to “Joy”

  1. Rhea said

    I’ve always had a very cloudy view of the 60s. Maybe because my parents both died in their 50s. But you make me feel like it could be fab.

  2. Kate said

    I saw that show, too, and ended up angry. ALL of those women were touting the glories of cosmetic surgery and freely (& proudly ?) admitted to one or more procedures. So where are the women willing to just age? What’s wrong with being 70 and looking 70?
    And what’s the justification for spending that amount of money on your face!? I don’t get it, myself. Just too incredibly vain…

    Oh well…

  3. Lilly Page said

    I agree with your statement, Kate, and totally disagree with plastic surgery. Our ideal aspirations should be to be proud to look our age….but what is that exactly?….I’ve not had used, nor do I intend to obtain, any artifical means to look ‘younger’ than I am…I just try to look and feel my best. The question comes back to…what’s my personal best supposed to look like?? I think the answer is ‘attractive’…I want to be attractive…but not just because of the way I look, but because of how I ‘appear’ to others on first glance!

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