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Cynical Ambition

Posted by Jim Selman on 10/27/06

Since I starting blogging a couple of months ago, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night with something inside me screaming to be said. Tonight it is cynical ambition. What I mean by that is the kind of “Do anything for power — or money, or sex, or fame”. You can fill in the ‘it’ that people will do anything to have.

I have spent most of my life trying to be positive, to stand for something, to leave the world a bit better than I found it. Sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have not. The last six years have been difficult as I have witnessed the neo-conservative power grab and found myself deeply disagreeing with most of the policies of George W. and his cronies. Nonetheless, I’ve at least felt he was sincere, even if misguided, and I respected his convictions, even if I disagreed with most of them. Instead of ‘Bush-Bashing’, I have tried (not always successfully) to focus on the problem of national divisiveness that at times seems to be tearing us apart.

Even in my own family, I can see where we now avoid political dialogue rather than become embroiled in an emotional quagmire—Fox versus the BBC as news sources and multigenerational divides from World War II to Vietnam and 9/11. Just like football hooligans fighting out of frustration that they are losing or are afraid of losing a game over which they have no control, we’ve become spectators in our own lives.

Tonight’s tossing has been precipitated by the recent ‘shift’ in the Republican/White House “game plan” from “stay the course in Iraq” to “flexibility and dynamic tactics”. Like my friend Curmudgeon, I can only stand so much bullshit before I want to scream. We’re talking God knows how many billions of dollars, thousands of American lives, questionable motives for going to war in the first place, more than a half million civilian casualties, almost universal loss of respect globally, and a debt our children will be paying off for the rest of this century— and now these bastards have the gall to ‘shift the strategy’ two weeks before the election and speak of an exit strategy as if it is their idea!

What cynicism. What shallow contempt for those who have supported their cause.

I hope there is a judgment day.

I trust the cynics will pay the price for their ambition.

© 2006 Jim Selman. All rights reserved.


One Response to “Cynical Ambition”

  1. It is a remarkable time to witness our nation’s leaders attempting to engineer a way in which they can claim success in a situation that can ONLY be described as an abject failure.

    The cynics will pay the price, but how, when? Perhaps only in their most private moments, perhaps years from now, but they will pay. After all, if you steal you receive the life of a thief, if you lie, the life of a liar.

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