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Balancing Priorities

Posted by Vincent on 12/6/06

I’ve noticed I’m feeling a certain dynamic tension between two opposing forces. On one hand, I’m committed to going out in the world and maximizing the difference I can make. In my 60s, that continues to be a significant priority. On the other hand, I’d like to play more, visit with my family and work in my woodshop. And that too is a priority.

The tension comes from the fact that I’m equally committed to both priorities. I look for ways to organize my life and integrate my activities to accomplish both. Some weeks are a bear. For instance, this week’s first priorities include travelling to Tokyo, preparing for two client assignments, and conducting intensive coaching of two leaders in distress. These commitments make it a challenge to complete my other top priorities, which include my Christmas shopping, visiting with the grandchildren and building some toys for the kids in my workshop.

I’ve found that the key to balance is two-fold:

  1. Staying highly conscious of both priorities and how I’m spending my time AND
  2. Talking to my loved ones when I feel off balance.

Patty, my significant other, and Dave, my friend and partner, are great choices. The mere act of having a conversation with them is freeing—not to mention that they always contribute good ideas.

Yup, relationship is the key to resolving the tension and fulfilling both priorities.


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