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A Life Worth Living

Posted by Jim Selman on 12/19/06

The following thoughts were shared by a friend of mine on the question of what it is like to ‘be’ older and wiser. I think they express something we can all learn from if we haven’t already.

“What’s it like to ‘be’ my age? Besides the obvious physical changes, there is a kind of release—a gentle meltdown—a relaxation that goes beyond where any mere massage could take me.

  • Gentleness, calm, quiet inside …
  • Infinite space to allow people to Be…
  • Grace to see what is moving and what isn’t all around me … To acknowledge what I’ve sensed and seen in people…And to let it be without trying to ‘make’ certain results happen…or certain actions/reactions occur…
  • A sense that letting go is OK … That releasing what is in my life now will allow other things, other people, other opportunities to appear …
  • Knowledge that being afraid of ‘having nothing’ appear is just old fear … And that since all I have to offer is love, if there are no takers, then it is time for me to leave and experience another life, another existence elsewhere.
  • An inner knowing that what I offer (love) is needed everywhere…and that Christmas this year has nothing to do with what I could buy and everything to do with who I am being for others.

Much wisdom…

  • That there is ‘nothing’ here to be attached to … That experience is all I can gather and ‘own’ in this journey.
  • That to serve I must cherish the vehicle I’ve been blessed to live this life in…and try not to fill the energy gap with empty carbs or lazy days.
  • That pleasure and pain are the edges of the same sword…and that I’m balancing both edges lightly in my heart.
  • That thoughts are what pin us down … And that sometimes we need to ‘do’ something entirely different to change our thoughts. Our thoughts are the only way we have a chance to be free…
  • That depths of feeling, time and space, the very air I breathe is as much of ‘nothing’ as I am.
  • That sadness and joy mirror each other in every moment I am alive. Floating like a butterfly in ecstasy and serenely sad at how magnificent each of us is.

Most of all, I’m amazed with myself…that life can be so enlivening–deliriously luscious—and that I am a being of such limitless possibility. And I’m infinitely grateful that I may be able to ‘really’ serve others now…without controlling or manipulating blindly.

Relaxing into contentment not knowing what’s next…”

© 2006 Jim Selman. All rights reserved.


One Response to “A Life Worth Living”

  1. Seamus (Shay) McInerney said

    “… I may be able to ‘really’ serve others now…without controlling or manipulating blindly. Relaxing into contentment not knowing what’s next…”

    I get the sense that it would be quite hard to distinguish between your friend and you in the your post. I am really glad that I happened upon it for it has much to say to me for today. Much also to say to those that share this little island of ours but I fear so few are listening. I suspect that there are some processes, such as ageing, that must indeed run their course. Can neither be hurried or slowed but may be nudged from time to time if we have the patience to wait for the right moment. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of us all. For we are those who follow after.

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