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Beauty is a Journey

Posted by Lilly Page on 12/20/06

As I continue to follow my passion, helping people ‘feel’ beautiful, I’ve come to notice that beauty and self-image are one and the same. The journey to real beauty is an interesting path of self-appreciation.

Many women and men ask for my help to ‘look’ more beautiful. These individuals have often felt a prompting to change their behavior, even more so than their look. They are beginning to see the possibilities in themselves and just need a little encouragement to ‘be’ themselves, to fully express who they are. Whether they receive an image make-over as a gift or whether they ‘gift’ themselves, the inspiration usually comes from a desire to discover their own inner beauty (as well as maximize what they’ve been given).

No matter what age we are, when we are comfortable with ourselves, we feel better and, essentially, look more beautiful to others. I find that sometimes people just want permission to wear something in a different colour or a different style, other times it’s about changing the accessories they choose with a particular outfit. Essentially, it all comes down to how they see themselves and how they define beauty.

For me, beauty is an ‘attitude’ of self-confidence, gentleness, self-kindness, self-expression, living a passionate life, loving ourselves as we are…. compassion for others, and ourselves, a grateful nature, courage to just ‘be’. A knowing that we have all the answers in us.

A new look is just the icing on the cake…After all, a designer suit is just that….a designer suit. It’s how we feel when we wear it that makes us beautiful.


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