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The Mirror of Old

Posted by Shae Hadden on 11/22/06

I’m fascinated by how people affix meaning to language, and the limitless interpretations they draw from words. ‘Old’, for example, triggers different responses among my friends. And their interpretations show me how they feel about growing older. It’s not always a happy image…

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Natural Aging

Posted by Shae Hadden on 11/15/06

autumn-leaves.jpgAutumn leaves submit to scattering:
lying down on wet cement
like an abstract expression of natural beauty
captured by the elements in a
kaleidoscope of chaos
revealing the influence of time on life

In the foreground:
freshness and colour,
clearly defined edges that form
distinct boundaries to identify
each leaf.

In the background:
decomposed brown dullness,
edges lost in the fine gray surface,
merging forms of matter—
growing older into One.

The wisdom to grow closer need not wait
Until fall…

© 2006 Shae Hadden. All rights reserved.


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