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Vincent DiBianca

My friend Vince is a high-energy, 61-year-old guy with many fascinating work and play interests. Most of his work life has been dedicated to coaching high-performing executives. Vince shares my committment to a “green planet”, and he’s currently investing in and working with difference-making companies like alternative energy companies.

He’s spent significant time and care in designing his work, play, home, relationships, health and life in general in a way that really works for himself and his loved ones. Blessed with wonderfully supportive relationships, he’s now totally overwhelmed with the pleasures of being a granddad.

Vince’s latest undertaking is an experiment to live well beyond 100 in a healthy and vital way. We look forward to hearing more from him …

Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Dr. Anne Marie EversI first met Anne Marie in Vancouver in 2005, and instantly recognized her as a ‘fearless woman’. Anne Marie has been involved in the personal growth field for more than 35 years, and is known as “The Affirmations Doctor”. As an international motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and author, she has coached individuals, families, businesses and community organizations around the world. She has even taught me how to ‘properly’ affirm for the transformation of the culture of aging.

Her best-selling book Affirmations, Your Passport to Happiness is now in its 6th edition and she recently released an edition of the #1 best-selling series Wake Up—Live the Life You Love with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra. Host of several Internet radio shows, Dr. Evers has applied her training in child psychology and personal development to her 2 children’s programs (Kids Affirmation Program, Affirm & Learn) and her abilities as a creative writer to the Honourable John Joseph Kennedy’s The Royal Critters/Whale Magic Program.

Shae Hadden

Fun-loving, hard-working…this woman believes that everyone has something to contribute –at any age. A ‘late bloomer’, she does everything before or after everyone else her age. Don’t count on her for being predictable…she’s learning how to create a new life just by choosing it. Count on her for highly personal introspective inquiries into issues that affect us all.

Lilly Page

lilly-page.jpgLilly is a vibrant, vivacious and dramatic 60-year-old Italian. This opera singer and businesswoman is passionate about helping people transform themselves into the best they can be. As a woman in the spotlight, she knows the importance of first impressions and of how expressing your TRUE self leads to success. Rather than retire, she is stepping up to the plate and starting a new business to share her talents and her compassionate understanding of people. When it comes to changing our ideas about what it means to grow older, she is a true leader.

Elizabeth Russell

ewr.jpgElizabeth is a dear friend going back to 1978. She has been a visionary and leader in the field of education, as well as a partner and an inspiration to many early pioneers in the field of organizational transformation. Elizabeth holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Philosophy, as well as a Doctorate in Education. She has lectured in the U.S., India and Turkey. In 2005, she published her autobiography, Reading Under the Covers, which is available on


One Response to “Guests”

  1. Jim L. said

    Hello! Just found out about your blog today while having coffee at Granville Island. Aging is a great subject. I must admit I’ve felt the stigma of agism recently and I’m a decade away from retirement age. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from your blog.

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